Rice milling

NEWS (Jan 8, 2020) : We are now certified by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS). That means that we ensure highest standards in the processing of our goods.

We at Flamingoo Foods celebrate good and tasty rice. Using cutting edge technology, our trained staff mills the rice collected from trusted farmers within the Rukwa Rift Valley. After careful drying and cleaning, the paddy is milled to the high quality rice known from this region of Tanzania. Our mill produces approximately 1000 metric tons of tasty rice each year. Flamingoo Foods ensures the highest quality of our rice product. Therefore, we offer to grade milled rice using a two-stage grading machine into four different quality classes: Grade 1 – 3, broken rice. The graded rice is then weighed and packaged into bags of 25kg, 50kg or 100kg depending on the customers’ needs. We sell our rice in wholesale as well as retail directly out of the mill and our shops in Mwanza and Musoma. Our customers come from all over Tanzania including cities as Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Mwanza as well as from the neighboring countries DRC, Zambia, Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda in demand for the tasty Flamingoo Foods Rice.

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Leonard Lusaganya

Leonard Lusaganya (CEO)
Majimoto, Katavi
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